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UniAdmin v0.7.9 [Help]
UniAdmin UniAdmin v0.7.9
Synchronization URL (click to verify):


I bet you're wondering either what this is and/or how to use it, so:

This is a system used to keep the users (who use UniUploader) addons, logos, and settings updated.
When you upload an addon to this system, and hit [Synchronize] in UU, UU will look up the "Synchronization URL"
and proceed to download any update(s) that are in any way different than the copy stored on the user's hard drive.
UU will then replace the addon with the new copy of the addon from this system.

Uploading AddOns

The uploaded addon must be in zip form only.
The zip file must have the following directory structure: [folder],{file}, and not literally "addonName" or "addonfile"
The AddOn Name is the same as the name of the folder that the AddOn's files are in

Addon Deletion

With this you can set addon directories to be removed when UniUploader syncs with UniAdmin
Specify the directory name you wish to have removed


This module allows you to download addons from the SVN repository

Only the UniAdmin Admin user has the ability to access this module


This changes the logos displayed in UniUploader/jUniUploader
Logo 1 is displayed on the [Settings] tab
Logo 2 is displayed on the [About] tab


You can make sure your user's critical UU settings are up to date with this, be VERY careful with some of them, as some of them might get your users angry at you, and if you set something wrong you could loose contact with all of your users, LOL
If the setting is a 1 or zero that means it is a check mark in UU that should be: checked (1) or not checked (0).

The saved variables list is the actual list of files that you want UU to upload to the URL(s).


Basically this shows who is accessing UniAdmin

The table shows each access

  • "Action" - What the client is asking for
  • "IP Address" - The client's IP address
  • "Date/Time" - The date/time accessed
  • "User Agent" - What software is accessing it
  • "Host Name" - The user's Host Name

Below the table is nifty pie charts for how UniAdmin was accessed


There are 3 "user levels"

(Shows highest action available)

level 1 (basic user) has access to
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.3
level 2 (power user) has access to
1.1, 2, 3.1, 4, 5.7
level 3 (administrator) has access to everything
1.2, 2, 3.2, 4, 5.10, 6

There shouldn't have to be more than 1 or 2 "level 3" users in UniAdmin

Access items key:

  • 1: AddOn Management
    • 1.1: Manage AddOns
    • 1.2: Add/Delete AddOns
  • 2: Logo Management
  • 3: Settings Management
    • 3.1: Add/Remove SavedVariable Files
    • 3.2: settings.ini upload/download
  • 4: Statistics Management
  • 5: User Management
    • 5.1: Change own language
    • 5.2: Change own password
    • 5.3: Delete own user
    • 5.4: Change own username
    • 5.5: Add level 1 users
    • 5.6: Change level 1 user info (username, password, language)
    • 5.7: Delete level 1 users
    • 5.8: Add any level users
    • 5.9: Delete any user
    • 5.10: Change any user info (username, password, level, language)
  • 6: UniAdmin Configuration

UniAdmin v0.7.9
© 2006 The WoWRoster Dev Team

Creative Commons License
UniAdmin is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5